My message to you

I want to be an MP because I believe I can make a difference to improve people’s lives and parliament is the place that can achieve that. I am standing for Labour because they are the party that will truly help all people.

I want to:

  • Bring employment to the area that allows people to earn a decent living.
  • See empty buildings brought back into use to house our growing number of homeless people.
  • Help legislate to provide secure tenancies to alleviate the housing crises.

Economic factors

There are lots of small businesses in the area that provide employment. They need support to survive in what may be an economically turbulent time. A financial incentive to pay a living wage would also be a priority.

The Manston and the Pleasurama sites need to be brought into productive use in a way that will provide employment and regeneration opportunities for local people. We need to ensure that whatever option is chosen by the people of Thanet has been properly audited to ensure the infrastructure and funding is in place prior to making a decision. I do not wish to make any promises it will not be possible to implement.

Unemployment rates in South Thanet are particularly high. As already stated I would like to support the many small businesses that provide employment in South Thanet by increasing the threshold of the VAT rate that small businesses need to pay and providing support to enterprises to pay a living wage. 

Our tourist industry provides many jobs. We need to promote our many beautiful beaches and amenities to increase the numbers of visitors to our towns.

Music events and festivals

I am proud that during the summer months there is an event or festival in South Thanet almost every weekend. Music helps to break down barriers and brings the community together. TDC impose 14 weeks notice for events. This puts people who want to put community events on under a lot of stress and makes the process very complicated. I would like to make it easier for organizers to put on events that promote harmony and bring visitors to the area.

Housing and Homelessness

This is an issue that I care deeply about. It is upsetting to see so many homeless people on our streets when there are nearly 3000 empty properties in the area. These could be brought back in to use to house families and the homeless. I would also like to use ex commercial properties to provide a drop-in centre where homeless people can find support to get off the street.

The National Health Service

In line with the Labour Party manifesto, I would like to ensure that we do not fall into the trap of playing a numbers game with immigration statistics that could further put our precious NHS at risk. We need to retain our highly skilled immigrant workers such as doctors and nurses who are the backbone of the NHS. The NHS and support services need to be properly funded. No one chooses to be ill or disabled. It is up to us as a society to look after our vulnerable members. The best way to do this is through providing the funds that the NHS needs.

At a local level, I would like to see drop-in health centres (as campaigned for by Colin Postgate) which could help alleviate the crises in GP services and ensure everyone has access to health care when needed.


A democratic decision has been made which we must adhere to. We need to ensure that we protect the rights of EU citizens residing here and British citizens living in the EU. This will take skilled negotiation which has the interests of British workers as a central concern.

Live Exports from the Port of Ramsgate.

This unnecessary and cruel practice should be stopped as soon as possible. I believe that the highest standards of animal welfare should be adhered to in all industries that involve the use or trade of live animals. I am against all blood sports including fox hunting and also the unnecessary culling of wild animals.

I am a mother to a son with special needs and have helped other families to access the support services that they need.
As a small business owner I am aware of the vital role that such enterprises play in the economy of South Thanet and also how it can be a struggle to survive in a fluctuating market.  I have experience of fund raising for homeless people and organsations such as Mencap, The Salvation Army, Scouts and Beavers and various Ramsgate events. This experience has given me an insight into the needs and ambitions of local people.


Raushan Ara


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